by Apr 2 2022

The more pollution in the air, the more nature dies

Air pollution is a mixture of solid particles and gases in the air. Car emissions, chemicals from factories, dust, pollen, and mold spores may be suspended as particles.

Common ways people can be exposed to toxic air pollutants:

Common ways people can be exposed to toxic air pollutants:

 1. Water can be contaminated by air pollutants, so drinking it will expose you. 

2. Vegetables and fruits that are grown in soil that is contaminated will expose you to pollutants if consumed. 

3. Making skin contact with contaminated water (think water skiing), soil, or dust. 

4. Inhaling in polluted air (people breathe polluted air every day). 

5. Children are especially vulnerable to ingesting contaminated soil when they play outside and then place their hands in their mouths. 

6. One can be exposed to food products that are contaminated, an example is eating contaminated fish; eggs, milk, or meat that come from animals who ate contaminated sources of food. Once these harmful pollutants enter your body, certain pollutants will tend to build up in your body tissue. This means that humans and other species at the top of the food chain typically are more prone to the build-up of toxic pollutants in their bodies. That is why people who eat a lot of fish can build up mercury in their systems and then suffer severe side effects from mercury poisoning. 

Effects of Environmental Pollution

The known health effects caused by the build of toxic environmental pollution typically lead to increased chances of developing cancer. This all depends on the amount of exposure, duration of exposure, and the concentrations of the exposure. The more someone is exposed to environmental pollution, the more likely it is that health complications will emerge. Health issues can include neurological issues, reduced fertility, damage to the immune system, respiratory issues, and developmental issues.

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