by Kolahal Studio Jan 18 2023

Benefits of Butterfly Pose

Butterfly Pose offers several benefits and is popular in yoga classes such as Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin. Sitting upright and elongating your spine in Butterfly Pose helps improve posture and body awareness. 

The pose targets the low back, hip, and thigh muscles, helping to reduce pain, encourage flexibility, and increase the range of motion. 

Overall, Butterfly Pose has a soothing, relaxing effect both physically and mentally and may help boost energy levels. It may also help release emotions stored in your hips and the surrounding areas.

To enhance these stress-relieving effects, focus on deep breathing or practice a breathing exercise while you’re in the pose.

While research on individual yoga poses is limited, there is substantial research on yoga routines that include Butterfly Pose. Read on to take a look at some of the current research surrounding the benefits of including Butterfly Pose in your yoga routine.

Enhances pelvic health

One small study created a therapeutic yoga program for women with chronic pelvic pain. The women attended twice-weekly yoga classes that featured 12 yoga postures, including Butterfly Pose. The instructors guided the women to practice yoga at home for 1 hour per week.

Improves mindfulness 

You can use Butterfly Pose to develop inner awareness and to prepare your body to sit for extended periods during meditation. Holding the posture for longer periods allows you to practice sitting with sensations that arise, including discomfort and restlessness.

Eases stress 

Butterfly Pose helps loosen up your low back, hips, and inner thighs, which may ease discomfort and help you feel better overall. It can also have a calming, relaxing effect, which may help you manage and let go of stress. 

Reduces depression 

Practicing Butterfly Pose as part of a yoga routine may help improve mood and reduce depression. The results of a small study suggest that yoga may reduce the severity of depression in people with mild to moderate major depression. People who participated in twice-weekly 90-minute Hatha yoga classes for 8 weeks had significantly reduced depression severity

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